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Folding Tables

The folding tables are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes. They can be arranged in a multitude of compound shapes to provide versatile layouts for nay situation. A wide variety of finishes are available for table tops and frames.

Folding table tops include plain timber, nylon flock with aluminium edges, laminate, veneer, solid ash and marble/granite, with matching pvc edge.

Folding tables can be made to your exact height specifications. For presentations we can also make two tear table designs. If you have special requirements for your folding tables which have not been mentioned here, please contact our sales office for advice, information and prices.

We also supply a universal table trolley to make transporation and storage of the folding tables easier and safer. each trolley carries 10 tables, and the design is such that it allows for mixing of rectangular and round tables on the same trolley.

The 2 main basic designs of folding tables, circular and rectangular are shown below along with close up pictures of the T Bar feature and folding trolley. Click on the images for larger versions.

rectangular folding table   round folding table
T bar leg
Table transport storage trolley

We manufacture, folding tables, function tables, ballroom tables, banqueting tables, trestle tables, Burgess tables Conference tables, lightweight tables and collapsible tables.

Call us now 01404 890290 or contact us online for more advice, information and prices.


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